Pacha Mama was founded in 2014 with the purpose of bringing popular Latin Cuisine to the Low Country thru the popular dish known as Arepas (Colombian Style Arepas).

Pacha Mama, otherwise known as the Arepa Pioneers and the first to introduce Arepas to Charlestonians in 2014. The concept and Idea created by Bradley and Karol Goldsworthy as a solution to the problem of Charleston not having enough Latin food options. Pacha Mama began as a very small food trailer (sized 8’x10’). Even with the rough representation of the food trailer the idea and concept of Arepas sparked the Arepa movement. The movement led to a second food trailer much greater in capacity and easier to the eye. Ultimately Pacha Mama evolved into Charleston’s first Arepa Restaurant. The story of course has a twist, where the evolution of Pacha Mama led to the birth of Tropical by Pacha Mama. Tropical Kitchen Express, however has its own roots and like Pacha Mama were “the firs”t in many accomplishments with the Latin Cuisine movement in Charleston. Tropical Kitchen, also a family owned business began its roots in 2011 with a goal to bring Puerto Rican cuisine to Charleston, decided to hand the torch over to a willing runner to carry the torch for many more years to come. Pacha Mama instead of offering the existing menu opted to bring along Chef Daniel Echevarria and Grandmother recipes to the Pacha Mama family. Pacha Mama and Tropical Kitchen joined and created Tropical by Pacha Mama.


The Truck

Karol Goldsworthy

Born and Raised in Bogota, Colombia and originally studied Architecture in La Universidad La Gran Colombia. She arrived to Charleston in 2013 with hopes to start a new life with Bradley Goldsworthy.


Bradley Goldsworthy

Born in Queens New York City, New York and raised all over the east coast. Bradley studied Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University. He arrived to Charleston in early 2013 to work for The Boeing Company.

Catering & Events

Daniel Echevarria

Born in Peñuelas Puerto Rico raised in Ponce has been in the culinary scene for the past 30 years. Chef Dany cooked in Rosas Seafood for 13 years and before that 14 de Mayo for 9 years and has owned his share of small restaurants in Puerto Rico.